Mark Simmons


The Benefits of Lyophilising (freeze drying) and Air Drying

Whether you are lyophilising or air drying your assay, your ultimate goal is to stabilise it for transport and storage at ambient temperature without loss of functional performance. Get expert advice on freeze drying and air drying Both processes involve the removal of water to achieve this and enable you to: eliminate the need for cold chain storage extend shelf

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Why partner with a contract manufacturer to produce your assay?

Developing a new assay that will ultimately find commercial success is notoriously complex.   To that effect, managing your manufacturing processes in-house may initially appear to be the most streamlined and snag-free route to market. After all, what could benefit your production cycle more than having everything under one roof, ready for immediate analysis, testing and shipping?   In reality,

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Biofortuna supports World Cancer Day

We are proud to support the UICC’s World Cancer Day initiative


Biofortuna shortlisted for 2020 Bionow awards.

We are delighted to share the news that we have been shortlisted for the 2020 BioNow awards.


Biofortuna sets a new production record.

Biofortuna sees record production levels across November and December