Cell line authentication

Uncertainty over cell types can lead to incorrect or non-reproducible results resulting in the generation of false information. An increasing number of high profile journals and grant proposals now require proof of cell line identity before considering publication or funding.

According to current research and best practice guidelines, cell line testing is recommended:

  • Before submitting a paper for review
  • Before beginning a new grant or major set of experiments
  • To prevent cross-contamination
  • If cells give erratic, and unreproducible results
  • If a change in morphology or growth characteristics are observed
  • When creating a new cell line
  • When receiving cells from a non-accredited laboratory or provider
  • When creating cell stocks for storage

For more information on the prevalence and impact of cell misidentification see the following references: American Type Culture Collection Standards Development Organization Workgroup ASN-0002. (2010). Cell line misidentification: the beginning of the end. Nature Reviews, Cancer. 10 (subscription required) Capes-Davis, A et al. (2010). Check your cultures! A list of cross-contaminated or misidentified cell lines. International Journal of Cancer. 127, 1–8

Our Cell line authentication service features:

DNA Analysis using Promega® Corporation’s PowerPlex Fusion system, containing 22 STR loci plus two gender defining markers.
Complete confidentially, with reports emailed within 3-5 business days (batches larger than 100 samples may take longer)
Simple sample collection process
Sample Collection Cards onto which cells are spotted
Electropherograms provided as standard
Reference profiling against public databases where required & full result interpretation

If you prefer to compare the data yourself, we can send the raw files/exported genotype data as is your preference.

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