Real-time PCR detection kits

Biofortuna offer an extensive range of molecular human pathogen detection kits.

Biofortuna offer an extensive range of molecular human pathogen detection kits;

Virus: Screen for HPV in a blood bank setting; quantify HCV; detect Ebola and many more viral target.

Bacteria: Detect antibiotic resistant bacteria quickly and efficiently; confirm the presence of TB, identify a salmonella infection… and much more.

Fungi: Precise detection of early stage Aspergillus infection, screening for Candidiasis, ringworm identification and more.

Parasites: Test for malaria in the field, identify Schistosomiasis, detect Giardia intestinalis and many more parasitic species.

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All Biofortuna kits are offered in the following format.

Kits contain:

Primer and probe mix

Reverse Transcription, target specific primers (RNA genome viruses only)

Internal extraction control – Read through VIC channel*

Endogenous control

RNAse/DNAse free water

*alternative flurophores available on request.

All Biofortuna Human Pathogen kits offer:

Exceptional value for money
Rapid detection of all clinically relevant subtypes
Positive copy number standard curve for quantification
Highly specific detection profile
High priming efficiency
Broad dynamic detection range (>6 logs)
Sensitive to < 100 copies of target
Accurate controls to confirm findings

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Biofortuna kits are sold for research use only and are not licensed for diagnostic procedures.

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