See the process that can improve your assay’s performance

Discover how Biofortuna produce accurate and easy-to-use single dose lyo beads

Your customers demand assays that deliver accurate results as quickly as possible. Lyo beads from Biofortuna can help you answer that call.

Lyo beads enable you to offer your customers an assay that is:

  1. Accurate – single, pre-measured doses ensure correct quantities and lower risk of contamination
  2. Efficient – rapid reconstitution and quicker results
  3. Easy to use – by providing a ready-to-use assay that is easy to administer with basic training

Lyo beads could revolutionise the production, distribution and use of your next assay. Provide your customers with what they want: better testing.

Find out how we manufacture them, simply request a copy of our process map today.

Benefits of lyophilised beads to your customers

Accurate dose, every time

Lyo beads are produced in precise doses per sphere, ready for application and eliminating the potential for pipetting errors and contamination.

Cost savings through improved efficiency

Perfect for POCT, lyo beads deliver accurate results efficiently – no lab analysis required. Reduced wastage leads to further cost savings.

Quick and simple

Lyo beads reconstitute quickly because of their volume to surface area ratio and come pre-packaged, ready for immediate use.

Why choose lyo beads from Biofortuna?

Some of the world’s most innovative assay developers choose to work with us to take their assays from concept through to commercialisation.

Support is tailored around your exact requirements and defined by a problem-solving mentality. By listening to precisely what you need, Biofortuna will find the solution to match.

A combination of market-leading expertise, ISO 13485 and ISO 17025 accreditations, FDA registration and state-of-the-art facilities mean that you can trust Biofortuna to employ the highest scientific standards when bringing your product to market.