Lyophilised reagent beads

Biofortuna offer custom lyophilised beads

As global experts in freeze-drying, Biofortuna  can support a range of lyophilisation formats including freeze-drying in glass and plastic vials as well as custom vessels/ devices.

We also offer bespoke lyophilised reagent beads. Spheres of customisable lyophilised material that contain a specific volume of material per reaction while maximising surface area for rapid reconstitution.

For many assays lyophilised reagent beads are the best solution.

Benefits of beads include;

Long term stability at ambient temperatures. No freezer or fridge is required and no temperature control for shipping.
More reproducible results, less risk of pipetting errors and contamination.
Reduction in assay turnaround time (eg. ELISA).
Ease of handling.
Less incubation steps.
Tested and verified for real time quantitative PCR.


Examples of Systems in Which Beads Can Be Used

Proprietary devices
Microfluidic chips
Eppendorf tubes
Multiwell plates
Screw-cap vials
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