HLA Product Documentation

All our documentation is in PDF format. You can open these with Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader or search for other viewers.

SSPGo Instructions For Use

Products USA Rest of World RUO
SSPGo Typing English English English
HLA No Template Control English English N/A
HLA Wipe Test English English N/A

If you require Instructions For Use in any other language please contact Biofortuna.

SSPGo Manual Interpretation Sheets

Product Name Product Number Lot Numbers IMGT Expiry Date Downloads
HLA-B*27 Identification Kit BF-10-09 AFW 3.30 FEB-19 Interpretation Sheets
AGB 3.31 MAY -19 Interpretation Sheets
AGK 3.31 FEB-20 Interpretation sheets
AGQ 3.31 AUG -20 Interpretation sheets
HLA-B*57:01 Screening Kit BF-10-10 AGG 3.32 JUL-19 Interpretation sheets
AGL 3.32 FEB-20 Interpretation sheets
HLA-B*27 Screening Kit BF-10-12 AFY 3.30 FEB-19 Interpretation Sheets
AGC 3.31 MAY -19 Interpretation sheets
Coeliac HLA Association Kit BF-30-03 AFZ 3.30 MAR-19 Interpretation Sheets
AGH 3.30 JUL-19 Interpretation Sheets
AGF 3.30 JUL-19 Interpretation Sheets
AGJ 3.30 DEC-19 Interpretation sheets
AGN 3.30 MAR-20 Interpretation sheets
AGP 3.30 AUG-20 Interpretation sheets
HLA-DQA1*05, DQB1*02, DQ8 Screening Kit BF-30-04 AGA 3.30 MAR-19 Interpretation Sheets
AGI 3.30 JUL-19 Interpretation sheets
AGO 3.30 MAR-20 Interpretation sheets
AGR 3.30 AUG-20 Interpretation sheets

SSPGo Material Safety Data Sheet

For a copy of the SSPGo MSDS please contact Biofortuna.

SSPGo Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Analysis for SSPGo products are currently provided within kits. If you require further copies please contact Biofortuna.

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