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Real-time PCR detection kits

Biofortuna offer an extensive range of molecular human pathogen detection kits. We have hundreds of kits for pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

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ampDRY™ master mix

Biofortuna is now offering its patent pending air drying technology, ampDRY™. The offering is as a custom service or master mix to stabilise complete qPCR assays at ambient temperatures.

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SSPGo™ HLA typing Freeze-Drying

SSPGo is the ONLY single step ‘off the shelf’ SSP solution. The world’s first freeze-dried (lyophilised) HLA SSP delivers unique simplicity, accuracy and ease of use.

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Lyophilized reagent beads

Biofortuna offer ready to use lyophilised beads. Spheres of customizable lyophilised material that contain a specific volume of material per reaction while maximising surface area for rapid reconstitution.

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