Relationship testing

We offer a range of human identification services including DNA paternity and relationship testing for legal, immigration and forensic cases and peace of mind.

We also provide a drug and alcohol testing, cell line authentication and sample identification service.

DNA relationship testing

Legal and immigration

We are one of only thirteen Ministry of Justice accredited facilities able to directly offer relationship testing that is admissible in court.

The principle difference between a peace of mind test and a court admissible test is the audited adherence to strict chain of custody conditions. This involves the collector taking a photo of the sample donor, inspecting identification, checking the signed consent forms and confirming the correct person has provided the sample.

Our legal identity tests cover the following:

Custody and Child support
Immigration and right to stay
Drug and alcohol detection

Peace of mind

Peace of mind relationship tests are offered directly to the general public but they cannot be used as evidence in any legal proceedings such as custody or immigration cases.

Examples of the peace of mind relationship test offered include:

Zygosity (Genetically identical multiple birth)

Regulatory Compliance

Our relationship testing services are conducted at our ISO 17025 laboratories in Deeside.

We undertake all our activities in full adherence to the data Protection Act of 2018 and the GDPR.

In compliance with the Human Tissue Act 2004 no DNA tests are carried out without the consent of each person involved or, in the case of a child, the consent of someone with parental responsibility.

In most cases the person with parental responsibility is the mother, we do not carry out DNA tests without the consent of the mother unless the father has parental responsibility. The most common ways in which a father may have parental responsibility is if he is named on the birth certificate of the child born after 1st December 2003 or he was married to the mother of the child at the time of birth. A parental responsibility order can also be obtained from the courts.

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