Biofortuna supports World Cancer Day

On February 4th we will be supporting World Cancer Day 2022.


World Cancer Day is led by the Union for International Cancer Control and aims to save millions of lives by highlighting the advances made against the disease and pressing governments and individuals to do more.


Today, thanks to huge strides in medical science’s understanding of the disease, half of those diagnosed with cancer in the UK will survive for ten years or more, compared to just a quarter in the 1970’s.† However, there is still a lot more that earlier detection could achieve.


At Biofortuna, we are proud to be partnering with several diagnostic developers at the cutting edge of this advancement.


We are working with them to manufacture a number of immunoassays. Unlike traditional clinical diagnosis, which can often only detect cancer in its later stages, an immunoassay identifies the presence of biomarkers in a blood or urine sample generated by the body’s immune system.


Whilst there is still significant progress to be made in the battle against cancers of all kinds, it is perhaps more timely than ever to shine a light on the work being done and the incredible results it is starting to achieve.


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†Source:  Cancer Research UK


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