How Lyophilised reagent beads improve assay accuracy

Single dose accuracy, customised for your assay

Lyophilised reagent beads are customisable spheres containing an accurately measured single dose of formulation.

Offering all of the stabilisation, transportation and storage benefits of traditional lyophilised formats, beads present a range of additional benefits designed to deliver greater accuracy, improve speed to result and reduce waste.

The consistency, precision and accuracy of the automated dose minimises the potential for batch variation, whilst also removing the need to aliquot thus reducing the risk of error, contamination and wastage.

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Benefits of lyophilised beads include:

Increase assay accuracy – the dose consistency of beads minimises the potential for variance.
Reduced risk of contaminationwith no central stock to corrupt, the risk of contamination is greatly reduced.
Increase speed to result  – lyophilised beads offer the best ratio of volume to surface area, which means they reconstitute faster
Reduced risk of error – the single dose accuracy of beads means the risk of pipetting errors or inadvertently using contaminated stock is significantly lowered
Increased efficiency – because beads are reconstituted individually, each bead is only exposed to ambient air for a very short time, reducing the risk of water absorption. As there is no central stock, the remaining beads remain sealed, preserving shelf life and reducing wastage.
Increased throughput and lower cost  –particularly with Point of care platforms where the use of beads allows the reagent to be lyophilised before insertion into the device.
single bead droplet
Precision measured droplets of reagent
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Lyophilsed reagent beads ready for dispatch
Finished beads. In total we are currently able to produce a million beads per week.
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Assured supply at scale

As an established lyophilisation specialist we have made a significant investment in order to increase our  bead manufacturing capacity to around 5 million beads per month, dependent upon size and formulation.

Together with our ISO13485 and to ISO17025 accreditation, FDA registration and state-of-the-art facilities this means mean that you can rely on quality assured continuous supply route; whether you are in the early stages of development or looking for a fast and flexible option to scale up manufacturing.

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