Could air drying cut the cost of stabilising your assay?

If air-drying is suitable for your assay, it could save you time and money

However you stabilise your assay, your objective is to ensure it is suitable for transport and storage at ambient temperature without loss of functional performance. However the route you select will be largely dependent on the composition of your formulation.

If your assay will not be damaged by the heat generation required, you could find that air drying is simpler, quicker and more economical. And with the capacity to manufacture up to one million reactions per week, we can  help you upscale your manufacturing efficiently and cost effectively in our ISO 13485 quality controlled facility.

We can also analyse your formulation to confirm if its suitability for air drying or determine if lyophilisation is the more appropriate process.

Identifying the most appropriate stabilisation process starts with a simple email exchange.  Just complete the form opposite, and we will be in touch.

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