HLA Typing

The world’s first freeze-dried HLA SSP delivers unique simplicity, accuracy and ease of use.

  • Lyophilised formula contains all buffers, primers & Taq.
  • No user variation – just add DNA and Go!
  • Unrivalled stability – store complete kit on the shelf.
  • Superior accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Regular kit specificity updates.
  • Low-cost total solution.
  • Environmentally friendly – no refrigeration required.
  • Storage at 2°C to 28°C, shipping at ambient temperature.


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Kit DescriptionBiofortuna Kit No.Test/KitsReactions per TestUSA StatusCE Status
HLA-B*27 Screening KitBF-10-12961FDA ClearedNot Available
HLA-DQA1*05, DQB1*02, DQ8 Screening KitBF-30-04481FDA ClearedNot Available
HLA-B*27 Identification PlusBF-10-27244Research Use OnlyCE Marked
HLA-B*57:01 Screening KitBF-10-10961Research Use OnlyCE Marked
HLA-B*57:01 Identification KitBF-10-11128Research Use OnlyCE Marked
Coeliac HLA Association KitBF-30-03481Not AvailableCE Marked
HLA-B*27 Identification KitBF-10-09961Not AvailableCE Marked
HLA Wipe Test KitBF-40-0136 Areas2Not ApplicableCE Marked
HLA No Template ControlBF-40-02961Not ApplicableCE Marked